‘Two Truths About Love’…a brief little review of a significant little book.



Jason Fischer MA LPC never claims that love is simple or easy, but in his recent book “Two Truths about Love,” he synthesizes the components  of an extra-ordinary relationship; :

1) Giving permission


2) Taking responsibility.

Fischer outlines his philosophy; he points out that  one cannot control what another person does, but can give permission for them to be who they are, and can take responsibility for personal reactions.

The book makes the point that “giving permission” is AN ART, exemplified by the artist/artisan who can create dozens of artistic pieces and still not (significantly) evolve artistically; all because without the learning of new techniques, he doesn’t produce different results.

Five steps are given for executing the process of “giving permission”:

1.*Self-recognition that one is outside of their emotional comfort zone

2.*Pausing in order that options might be considered

3*Breathing as a way of restoring calmness and present moment awareness

4.*Understanding that giving permission is always both justified and beneficial

5.* Actually giving the permission.

“The Two Truths About Love”, by Jason Fischer and Sabrina Kindall, is an insightful, and beautiful book; a creative blend of Eastern and Western wisdom that can be a beneficial tool to anyone seeking to help their relationships grow.

It’s a TRUE work of art.  🙂

~Karol Players Theatre Guild

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