‘Two Truths About Love’…a brief little review of a significant little book.

    Jason Fischer MA LPC never claims that love is simple or easy, but in his recent book “Two Truths about Love,” he synthesizes the components  of an extra-ordinary relationship; : 1) Giving permission and 2) Taking responsibility. Fischer outlines his philosophy; he points out that  one cannot control what another person does, but … Continue reading

“Finding Balance; ‘Hat’s off to the ladies, and to Mr. Jung'”

Some time back, I read the following comment on an internet site: “Women are leading the spiritual revolution. Two-thirds of our Fans and Members are testimony that the loving embrace of the Female Divine is alive and well.”I wrote the following words in response, but eventually decided to give’em the old heave-ho… Well, I guess the … Continue reading

April is Poetry Month! Two favourite originals…

April is National (U.S.) Poetry month; we’re posting two original favourites as special tributes.~”Coffee Dream” by Larry Dale Lagrone (KPTG Artistic Director) Serviettes de table frame the breakfast That’s sunny-side up And Sunday-slow down. The coffee brews in hushed tones Of weekend reverie; It’s enigmatic hum gives it A certain je ne sais quoi Kind … Continue reading

Learning from Maxwell House Posted on April 3, 2013 by Jesse Dymond

Learning from Maxwell House Posted on April 3, 2013 by Jesse Dymond CC BY 2.0, tsakshaug Over the course of the last year, a number of The Community’s bloggers have approached topics like marketing andbranding. And each time, the conversations that followed have been somewhat polarized. One recent post inspired both of these comments on our Facebook page: “My first reaction is … Continue reading